Area Attractions

Basque Cultural Center

Highlights: Rich Basque heritage with dance, music, and food. Managed by Francois Camou and Chef Michel Veron. Upscale cuisine with banquet facilities.

Bocce Courts

Details: Bocce courts at Orange Memorial Park. Managed by South San Francisco Italian American Citizen’s Club. Regular tournaments and league play.

New Aquatic Center At Orange Memorial Park

Information: Modern, eco-friendly aquatic center by ELS Architecture. Aims for community collaboration and diverse aquatic opportunities.

South San Francisco Farmers' Market

Background: Birth of urban farmer's market in wartime. Offers fresher produce at affordable prices.

South San Francisco Conference Center

Overview: Suitable for diverse events. Central to biotech region, near the airport, and 15 minutes from downtown.

The Great Star Theater

News: Renovated historic theater now open. Community-driven. Venue rental available. Accepting donations and equipment.

K1 Speed Kart Racing

Profile: Founded in 2003, offers go-kart tracks. Partnership in 2018 with Oculus for virtual racing experience.